If you have an idea for a new feature that could make your life easier or benefit the clients you serve, here's how to share it:

What's the feature?

  • Tell us what you'd like to see added or improved in Careteam.

How would you use it?

  • Explain how this feature would help you or your clients. Share real situations where it could make a difference.

Send your idea:

  • Email: Send your feature idea to support@getcareteam.com with a clear subject line.
    Widget: Click the widget in the bottom right corner of the Careteam platform and submit your idea there.

Include key details:

  • Title: Give your idea a short and clear title.
    Description: Explain your feature idea in a few sentences. Include examples if you can.

Your suggestions are essential in shaping Careteam's future. While we can't promise immediate changes, every idea is reviewed and considered. Your input drives our efforts to make Careteam even better for you and all our users. Thank you for being part of our journey toward improvement!