Curious how to keep your health team updated between appointments? With our Smart Check-ins, they can send you quick questions for you to answer. It's like texting with a purpose, helping them stay up to date. Let's explore how Smart Check-ins make staying connected with your health team easier than ever!

Follow these steps to answer a check-in.

  1. Click on the ‘Task’ tab.
  2. If you have been assigned a one-time Check-in, it will show up as one of the Tasks to complete. If you have been assigned a recurring Check-in, scroll down to the Calendar section to view your Check-in. If your check-ins are NOT showing, it may be because they were scheduled for a week before or after what is shown (only activities scheduled for the current week will be visible in your Calendar). Use the toggle arrows beside the Calendar to view previous or upcoming weeks.
  3. Click on the name of the Check-in to open it.
  4. Select and/or type in your answers and click 'Submit' or ‘Next’ to move to the next question.
  5. Select 'See My Check-in' to review your responses. 
  6. You are able to review your check-in responses any time in your ‘Health Tab’.