Let's get you set up and using your account. 

  1. Once you have received a self sign-up link, copy and paste the link into your browser. 
  2. Click get started


3. Select whether you're signing up for yourself, or for someone else. 

  • If you're signing up for your own Action Plan - your own treatment, 
  • If you're a primary caretaker, guardian, or caregiver and you're signing up on behalf of someone else - select "someone else". 



3. Follow the next steps to finish setting up your account:

  • Enter your email and create a password 
  • If you're signing up on behalf of someone else, enter their info. 
  • Upload a profile photo
  • Enter your personal information
  • Add your health information - current concerns, medications, vaccinations, and any other information that you want to keep track of, and that is relevant to your care team. 

4. Click Finish, and you're all set!