Keeping track of and attending appointments associated with your care plan is vital for achieving better health outcomes. Careteam not only allows you to see and respond to appointments entered by your health team but also for you to add your own appointments associated with your care plan but not initiated by your health team. You can also ask for help from your support team by assigning the appointment to one of them.

Follow these steps to see the appointments created by your health team:

  1. Click on the “Action Plan” tab. 
  2. Scroll down to the Appointments section to view all appointments created by your health team. 
  3. Click on the “edit symbol” to open up the appointment to view the time of the appointment, who it is with, location, a description, what Action Plan it is associated with and who it is assigned to. 

  Note: You can also view appointments from the “Tasks” tab and scrolling down to the calendar section. The search through the calendar by week. The calendar also includes appointments and tasks that you have created.

Follow these steps to add your own appointments into Careteam:

  1. Click on the “Tasks” tab. 
  2. Click “Add appointment”. 
  3. Fill out the appointment description and date. If the appointment is virtual and you have the video call link you can add it in for easy access. Fill out the address if the appointment is in person. 
  4. You have the option to assign the appointment to a member of your support team. They may be attending with you or the may be appointment is for them.
  5. Click “Save”.