Why & when to use it

Are you a primary caregiver for a person receiving care? This person may be a child, aging parent or relative, or anyone whose health condition requires someone to act on their behalf to coordinate care. This person has been directed by a health care provider to sign up for the Careteam platform on behalf of this person, to be the steward of their health information and provide a centralized location for all details related to their care. You will be able to add all the care providers, community service providers, friends, family and anyone else who also supports this person to the platform, creating one source of truth that keeps everyone on the same page. 




1. If you've received a self sign-up link, copy and paste the link into your browser. 

Open up a new tab in your browser of choice and paste the link into the URL bar. This will take you to the Careteam web page, where you'll be asked to enter the sign-up code. The code will be pre-populated for you if you've already entered the link - go ahead and click "Get Started". 


2. Indicate that you're signing up on behalf of someone else. 



3. Follow the next steps to finish setting up your account:

              1. Enter your email and create a password 

              2. Enter the personal details of the person for whom you're signing up. 

              3. Upload a profile photo

              4. Add the relevant health information - current concerns, medications, vaccinations, and any other information that                       you and the support team will need to keep track of. 


Click "Finish", and you're all set!


Next, you'll be prompted to add to your support team. We recommend that you do this right away, so you can start engaging with your support directly as you embark on your journey to optimal health. Click here for more information on adding to your support team. 




That's it! You're all set up and ready to start engaging with the rest of the support team. Make sure to reach out to your care provider via the messaging centre to let them know you're here :)