There can be many things to do, resources to review and people supporting you. Figuring out what to do when can be hard. Especially if there are many people involved in supporting you (family, friends, neighbours, etc). 

We know that: 

  • Care coordination and ensuring everyone is on the same page saves time and effort
  • Having the support of family and friends improves health outcomes and reduces burnout. 

Definition of Support team and Health team

Support team

  • Your support team is your personal team - this can be your spouse, parents, child, other family members, close friends, or neighbours. This can also include community service providers, or other caregivers. There are two levels of access that supporters can have.
    • Primary supporter
      • A trusted family member or friend. They can communicate with the health care team, view health information, send messages, complete tasks and upload documents.
    • Supporter
      • Usually relatives or friends. They can view health information, send messages, complete tasks and upload documents. 

Health team

  • Your health team consists of your family physician, specialist, or other health care providers that are involved in your care. 

Follow these steps to add support team members to your action plan: 

  1. Click on the Team tab of your Action Plan
  2. Click + Add to team on the top bar. 
  3. You will be asked if you are inviting Support team or Health team members. 
  4. There are two ways to add a support and health team members team member:
    1. Invite by email:
      • Enter the person's first and last name.
      • Identify their relationship to you.
      • Indicate whether you want them to collaborate with you on Careteam or are simply adding their contact information for reference.
      • Choose their level of access. Primary supporters have the most access. Supporter has less access.
      • Enter their email address.
      • Send invite.


  1. Invite by private access code
    • If you don't have the person's email, or don't feel comfortable reaching out to them this way, you can share a private link that will bring them to the Careteam sign-up page, and use a unique code to sign-up for your Action Plan.

Tip:  It may be more common in the case of inviting healthcare practitioners that you will share an access code with them during an in-person or virtual visit.